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  • Simple design, considerate service

    Essential assistant for your riding

    Establish an intimate connection with your car, and easily manage the status and settings of the [ vehicle ], check the driving data in real time.

  • Ride, Play, Remodel

    Senior users will answer your doubts

    If you have any questions, go to "Community Q&A", talk to senior vehicle users and product engineers discuss online together.

  • Because of passion, we get together

    Share your riding mood with the world

    View Trending, post "moments", show off your skills, find companions, there will always be a group of people speeding with you.

  • Your every trip

    All traces of your life

    Open "Riding Record", draw your riding track, and enjoy the fun of riding

  • Vehicle statistics

    Your exclusive "Ride Daily"

    Upload mileage, view the daily, monthly and weekly rankings, and compete with global riders for the top ranking.

  • New Honor Growth System

    Continue to explore and gain outstanding achievements

    Various medals, titles, sign-in, N-coin rewards, and the app gameplay is constantly being upgraded