Segway eScooter


Ride with the wind

Max Range
0-50km/h accerlation
Max Speed
Max Power
Dual-channel ABS
Safer and more stable
Segway self-developed
The eScooter E300SE Launch Edition is the first powerful and high-speed vehicle from the L3e-A1 market of Segway. E300SE is equipped with the latest Segway self-innovative technology, opens up a whole new horizon where Segway eScooter could be commuting on all urban terrain with ease and ultimate control.
The new motor and controller configuration produces the maximum output of power ever, extreme acceleration can be achieved from 0 to 50km/h in 2.9 secs. ABS and smart TCS (Traction Control System) provides further safety and control feature to reduce the risk of spin. Not just powerful but also protecting you in all ways, showing all riding aspects of smart features to lead the electric evolution.
Segway design Motor
Strong power and torque bring instantaneous acceleration, more comfortable overtaking experience, better gradeability to commute in all urban terrain.
10 kW
Max Power
200 N·m
Max Torque
Self-developed Battery
500 million Lithium battery cells safety management experience
4000Wh Energy
Double 74V 27Ah Battey packs
Segway BMS 6.0
20+ safety protections
Water Resistant
Support Additional 3rd Battery
Standard equipped with 2000 WH*2, Add one more for increasing 50% range (optional)
Safer and more stable Dual-channel ABS
The grip remains its best even under emergency braking.
J.Juan opposed four-piston calipers
Provides safe braking
semi-slick tires
Ride and speed up easily on all urban terrain
Segway smart TCS
TCS can restrain the rear wheel slipping, drifting, and losing control on skid surface roads. Fully feel sense of even in rainy, snowy conditions.
HC420 Alloy steel main Frame
Stronger, more stable, smoothly drive with high speed
Easily ride it on various road conditions in a more comfortable and stable way
Front Suspension
Shock absorber: Hydraulic & Spring
Preload Adjustable Rear Suspension
Combination of pressurized nitrogen and spring
Benefit from an ergonomic ride!
Creates a balance to make your riding posture as pleasant, comfortable, and safe as possible
Class-C matrix LED headlight
21m low beam Shining distance 70m high beam Shining distance.
Embracing integrated rear light
Easily visible embracing integrated rear light not only bring your safety, but also elegance
Floating Colorful LED Dashboard
The floating LED dashboard clearly displays the full screen of key information for you, like riding mode, speed, range etc. Visible and clear even under strong light, full screen black when vehicle is locked.
Segway MoleDrive X600 Controller
Redefine two wheeler driving feeling. Not only powerful, but also smooth
Self-developed OPD
Just throttle can control not only your acceleration but energy recovery braking. Rapid response brings your fantastic maneuverability and agility
Stepless adjustment energy recovery

Not only smoothly braking, but also you will have:

· Extending electric range

· Extending mechanical brake life

· Shorter braking distance

MoleDrive is Self-innovated and developed by LingJi innovations owned by Segway.
Segway MoleDrive Controller
Assistant features for your easy ride
Riding with multi-modes
Assist Mode

Push assistance

5km/h speed limit

Full torque driven

Coast Mode

For cursing in city

Full torque driven

Passive energy recovery

Eco Mode

Better mileage performance

Self-adaptive torque driven

Automatic energy recovery

Sport Mode

For furious riding

Full torque driven

Active energy recovery

780 mm long seat
Perfect reasonable seat division, provide enough stability on acceleration.Both driver and passenger can have comfortable mid-long trips on the spacious seat.
Storage Space
Two Open Face helmets are available
After installing the 3rd additional battery
Smart connectivity
Integration of Segway-Ninebot App and the vehicle
ninebot AirLock
Remote control
Password unlock
Real-time vehicle information
Automatic SOS
Convenient for your trip
USB&Type C charging ports
Extra space for your convenience
Hook for holding Belongings
Integration of Segway-Ninebot App and the vehicle.
Abnormal movement alert
Battery disconnected notification
Topplling alert
GPS positioning, anytime tracking

Max. Speed

105 km/h



2.9s (0~50km/h)


Typical range*

130 km


WMTC range

85km WMTC stage 3


Space under Seat

(In Litres)





1855*680*1175 mm





Ground clearance

148 mm


Curb weight

127 kg


Battery capacity

standard: 4000Wh (2000Wh*2) ;

Could expand to 6000Wh (2000Wh*3)


Maximum power

10 KW


Rated power

7.8 KW


Maximum Torque

200 N.m



Dual channel ABS



Front: 220mm disc;

Rear 180mm disc


Tyre type


Rear 120/70-12


Smart TCS


Charging time (Hours)

About 5.5 hrs




RideyGO! system



Front: Hydraulic & Spring shock absorber

Rear: Nitrogen Air & Spring shock absorber (Adjustable)

*Typical range: The accumulated range of the vehicle tested at 45km/h with 165 lbs (75 kg), 77 °F (25 °C), wind speed ≤ 3m/s on a paved road until no more power remains.